Mike Lee

I train with George twice a week and I always look forward to our training sessions because it helps me escape my busy working habits.  I particularly like the boxing sessions as I feel really pumped afterwards. It’s a fun workout and you really feel that you’ve been worked hard.

I like the fact that George is focussed on me as a client and is always making sure my technique is correct and that I am feeling alright.  It feels more like training with my friend than a PT which is cool.

At the moment, George is helping me train for a Spartan race in April, which he’s doing too, and the training is so intense but awesome at the same time!  I didn’t know about this race until he told me.  It’s nice that he can share stuff with his clients so that we can get involved too.

Cheers George.  See you on Wednesday mate.

Mike Lee

I.T. Manager, Barnet

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