Alison Worgan

I never thought I was someone who would have a personal trainer but, after years of telling myself that I could get fit on my own, it became clear that I needed some help.   So I decided to try GPFIT and it turned out to be a superb decision.

I was very nervous for the first session, but George was great, he put me at ease and I never felt like he was judging how unfit I was.  He spent time showing me the correct techniques to help me get the most from each exercise.  He organised a range of activities to see what I could do and by the end of the session, although I was very tired, I felt great.

After a good start things continued to go well.  George is really organised and arrives with the session perfectly planned.  He gradually builds the intensity of what I am doing, at the same time as raising his expectations of what I can achieve, and despite my reservations about my own ability,  he is always right.  He has a lovely manner that encourages you and makes you want to get better.  He is always calm and the way he asks me to do something makes me want to do it for him.  He knows when to push me to work harder and also when I am getting tired and I need some positive encouragement!  He even checks in on me when I are not training!

Over the weeks, I have felt myself getting stronger and fitter.  Things that I found really tough at first are getting easier (though at that point George seems to step it up!).  I look forward to every session and, even though during the sessions there are some moments when I want to lie down and stop, I feel brilliant after each one and I am learning to enjoy the achy feel the next day that means that I have worked hard.  Friends and family have said they can see that I have become more toned and my jeans are definitely baggier – I have even signed up for a 5K run.

I would highly recommend George as a personal trainer to anyone: whatever fitness level you are, whatever age you are, whatever your previous experience is and whatever your goals are.  As well as exercise, he is a fountain of knowledge with regards to food and nutrition and gives excellent advice on what to eat.  I really can’t thank him enough for giving me a new found enjoyment of exercise and for helping to improve my fitness.  Thanks George!

Alison Worgan

Teacher, Enfield

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